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Indonesia has 13,000+ islands, lies along the equator, with its tropical climate, you an always find a place to dive all year long.

You can always find interesting critters and fishes to see and exhilarating sites to enjoy, from tiny critters to big fishes manta rays, Mola-mola and the likes.



The coral triangle of the world, it hosts the most bio-diversity underwater in the world,”

Diving Indonesia

  • Bali

    Known as the ‘Island of the Gods’, Bali’s diverse reefs, rich culture and stunning scenery will leave you spellbound. For manta rays, seasonal Mola and drift dives head over to Nusa Penida. Tulamben …

  • Central Sulawesi

    Featuring calm waters, crystal clear visibility and a variety of dive environments, Central Sulawesi is a paradise found for underwater lovers. Endemic species abound in this biodiversity hotspot.

  • Flores

    From the swift currents and manta rays of Komodo National Park to the crazy critters in Maumere Bay, Flores is one of the best diving destinations in Indonesia.

  • Java

    The hugely popular Indonesian island of Java is a land of misty mountainsides and towering temples. Scuba diving here is a joy, where crystal clear waters await.

  • Komodo

    The land of the dragons promises adventure and excitement. Whether you decide on a shore based stay or a liveaboard, you’ll be blown away by the scenery and the dive sites. The sheer abundance of mar…

  • Lombok

    The island of Lombok has everything from a towering volcano to picture-perfect white sand beaches. Underwater there are pretty coral gardens and staggering pinnacles that attract seasonal hammerheads…

  • North Sulawesi

    North Sulawesi is home to the weird and wonderful critters of the Lembeh Strait, beautiful walls in Bunaken and the live volcanoes of the Sangihe Archipelago.

  • Raja Ampat

    If you want to experience remote and pristine reefs, then Raja Ampat is a must. Hundreds of tiny islands and pinnacles breach the surface of the aquamarine waters which are home to everything from py…

  • Southeast Sulawesi

    For those willing to journey off Indonesia’s beaten path, Southeast Sulawesi provides some of the world’s most colorful diving, complete with many pristine and uncrowded dive sites.

  • Sumatra

    Volcanoes, rainforests and beautiful coral reefs, Sumatra has something for every kind of adventure seeker.

  • Bunaken & Siladen

    Bunaken’s colossal walls, clear blue water and diverse marine life will impress the most seasoned of divers. Turtles, reef sharks and eagle rays are a highlight and the wealth of macro life is equall…

  • Lembeh

    Known as the “Critter Capital of the World”, the Lembeh Strait is home to an abundance of unique and rare marine life which thrive on its black sand muck diving slopes. Lembeh is an underwater playground.


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